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Pungent Greens is a small privately owned and operated hemp farm and therapeutic hemp product manufacturing company.  We produce and work with local farmers an in house distiller and manufacturer to ensure we only use the highest quality hemp and hemp concentrates in our products.  From seed to sale we run quality tests at every step to ensure that every product produced meets or exceeds our highest standards.  We TRULY believe in our products and stand by their medicinal properties but do understand that hemp is not for everyone, so if you are unhappy with your results send back your order for a full refund :)


Established in 2014 we have years of experience producing and manufacturing infused products.  You can count on Pungent Greens for the highest quality products.



At Pungent Greens, our mission is to help people live their best life, we hope that our products can help achieve higher levels of health and personal achievement in our otherwise healthy users and to provide relief from pain and personal suffering that is otherwise untreatable to those that need it.  



Our goal is to put relief in the hands of those that need it most at the most affordable price.  We want everyone to live life pain and anxiety free <3



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